New York Metro Area Gets New ‘934’ Area Code

By Paul Riegler on 18 June 2016
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Fire Island in Suffolk County

Fire Island in Suffolk County

Suffolk County, the easternmost county in the New York metropolitan area, and home to major resort communities including the Hamptons and Montauk, is getting a new area code, 934.

Originally part of the 914 area code, which it shared with neighboring Nassau County and the lower Hudson Valley for several years starting with the nationwide adoption of area codes, Suffolk was then split off along with Nassau into the 516 area code. In November 1999, due to the proliferation of mobile phones and pagers, Suffolk received a new area code, 631, while Nassau kept 516.

The new 934 area code is an overlay that will function alongside the current 631 code. Companies and individuals with numbers in the 631 area code will remain in that area code, although, according to Verizon, the local phone company in the area, those ordering new service, additional lines, or in certain cases moving their service may be assigned a number in the new area code.

For those with Suffolk County telephone numbers, however, dialing is about to get a bit more complicated. Effective Saturday, it is no longer possible for someone in the 631 area code to dial a seven-digit number to reach another subscriber in the same area code. All calls within and between 631 and 934 must be preceded by the area code, i.e. all such calls will require ten digits. For calls to any other area code, the domestic trunk prefix of “1” followed by the area code and telephone number is required to complete the call.

If all this is not enough, New York City is slated to get a new area code, 332, in 2017, which will also be an overlay area code.

The initial 90 area codes were assigned in the 1940s based on population size. Cities with the largest population were given area codes that were quick to dial on a rotary phone, hence 212 for New York, 213 for Los Angeles and 312 for Chicago, while less populous states such as Alaska, Idaho, and Hawaii got 907, 208, and 808 respectively.

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