EVA Air Royal Laurel Business Class Seattle-Taipei – Flight Review

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The author's seat

The author’s seat


We pushed off a few minutes behind schedule but thanks to the very early hour there was no delay in departure. The Boeing 777-300ER’s GE90 engines came to life and soon we were wheels up.

The flight plan for the 11-hour, 46-minute flight took us on a slight northwesterly track until we reached southern Alaska before turning south off the coast of far eastern Russia. A south-westerly overflight of Japan took us over the East China Sea, then the final approach into Taipei.


EVA Boeing 777s have two Royal Laurel cabins. Each is configured in a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone layout, with the aft cabin having a slightly smaller overall density and a more private feel.


Each seat is 26” wide and is pitched at 81”. It has all of the features one would expect in a business class seat: push-button seat controls, swing out tray table, swing-out touch-screen with tethered remote, USB and universal power ports, and modest storage space.

The seat is fully lie flat, though I found it most comfortable having it angled just slightly. The mattress cover/duvet resembled a very high quality sleeping bag, and though the cabin crew offered a turndown service to set it up, I declined and just used it as a heavy blanket. With the very late departure, falling asleep after dinner was no problem: I slept like a baby for seven hours.


The first of two meal services began shortly after departure. I used EVA’s online pre-flight ordering facility to choose my meals Unfortunately my chosen meal, a soup dish, also contained seafood, which wasn’t clear in the online menu. Fortunately I noticed it on the beautifully designed printed version – I’ve never liked eating things from the sea – and my flight attendant was quick to offer me a course more to my liking.



Disappointed that my soup wasn’t to be, I opted for roasted pork tenderloin with lemon jus, asparagus, and potatoes as the main course. It didn’t wow me, but it was good. The entrée was preceded by fresh warm bread and butter, an appetizer of seared tuna with artichoke salad, and marinated ciliegine with tomato, all delicious.

A tasty apricot tart with fresh fruit plate capped off the meal, along with a cup of piping hot Taiwanese tea.

The second service, breakfast, began a little over two hours before arrival. Having had a western meal for dinner I opted for the Chinese option, which did not disappoint. The anchor was a Taiwanese porridge called congee. Virtually flavorless by itself, it perks right up after mixing in dry shredded pork, pickled vegetables, and marinated bamboo shoot. A pan-fried egg with pine nuts and diced pork with soya beans complimented the meal. Once again a fresh fruit plate adorned with a sprig of mint capped off the meal, along with a few cups of tea.

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