Delta Air Lines First Class New York JFK-Atlanta – Flight Review

By Jonathan Spira on 2 June 2016
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Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest travel times of the year as well as the start of the summer travel season. So what is a travel editor to do but jump into the fray, especially in a year where headlines speak of long delays at our nation’s airport security checkpoints.

Arriving at Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport, I noticed something, rather the absence of something. While I had girded myself for long lines, there were few cars at the drop-off, few passengers checking in, no one at the TSA PreCheck line, and the mood was almost celebratory.

On the way to security, I stopped at the Sky Priority check-in desk to have the agent check my travel documents in order to avoid doing this at the gate. The check-in area was deserted except for eight agents, who were seated at their desks and anxiously beckoning for me to come to them. Jonathan, who as we Jonathans are wont to do, complimented me on using the “correct” spelling of my name, and Aixa checked me in jointly and it made for a good start to the trip.

The security screeners at Terminal 4’s PreCheck were in an equally good mood. There was no one ahead in line and the document checker and screener both apologized for the “long wait.”

Finally, it was off to the Delta Sky Club for a snack and to take in the Delta Sky Deck on what was a beautiful day. Riding the escalator to the Sky Club, I noticed there was one person ahead. Aha! I thought, finally, I’d have to wait. My joy at prospect, however, was short-lived as another agent immediately appeared behind the reception desk and checked me in.

Meanwhile, the Sky Club had clearly upped its game for lunch since I was there last. We had a choice of baked penne, which was average, and Swedish meatballs, which were excellent. Two soups were offered, a rather bland vegetable soup and a zesty minestrone. The fresh country-nut raisin bread was delicious with butter, although I had to go foraging for the butter since Delta seems to consider butter a breakfast item. I liked the bread so much I was tempted to ask for a loaf to go.

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