Lobby Bar – May 13: Next-Level Coffee, Above Diamond Status, and Why Travel Managers are Insomniacs

By Jeremy Del Nero on 13 May 2016
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Lobby Bar – An “Accurate” Assembly of FBT News and Views

Not that way… The results are in: find out from Jesse Sokolow what top three things are keeping corporate travel managers awake at night. The answers: 1) significant others who snore, 2) “blue” light from their smartphones, and 3) uncomfortable pillows.

But sir, I am a diamond guest! It’s time for another poll: what are your biggest pre-flight air travel pet peeves? A new entry on the survey this year is catering to our diamond guest readers: “staff not responding appropriately when I ask them DYKWIA?”

I am he. Jonathan Spira sees “The Father” performed at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre. In the 90-minute play, a man goes through all of the stages of dementia. *Spira would tell you more, but for some reason he doesn’t remember much of the evening.

Stay awake. Paul Riegler has five tips on how you can effectively lessen the effects of jetlag on your next trip. Introducing Jesse’s new side-business: he follows you around all day and pokes you every five minutes to make sure you stay awake. Jesse ships free, but batteries are not included. A rechargeable version of Jesse is available at a modest additional cost.

Wake me up in 100 years. Wyndham Rewards has introduced new tiers for its guest loyalty program members. Now, there is a level above Diamond called Carbon, which allows elderly travelers to cast themselves in Carbonite, Han Solo style.

Time is money. Choice Hotels International announced that it will offer exclusive discounts to those who book directly with their properties. “Directly” means in person, so you need to fly to the hotel ahead of time, book with the front desk, and you can save $25 when you stay there next month!

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