Gram Games 1010 – Game Review

By Jeremy Del Nero on 20 May 2016
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Every frequent traveler needs to unwind, and in between going through security and checking for e-mails during a flight, there’s bound to be some down time for a little gaming.  The best type of game for those constantly on the move is one that can be picked up, played for a few minutes, and saved for later.  1010, produced by Gram Games, is such a title.

1010 is a minimalistic and aesthetically cohesive puzzle game with a simple premise: clear lines.  A series of three shapes, comprised of anywhere between one and nine blocks, appears at the bottom of the screen, and the player must strategically drag each shape to the board (an empty space of 10 by 10 tiles).  Arrange ten blocks in a row horizontally or vertically, and that row vanishes.

Using a calculated approach can easily land the player a score in the thousands.  Place the shapes haphazardly and doom is nigh. If  unable to place one of the shapes, it’s game over and back to square one.  1010 is like a zero-gravity Tetris, but there’s no time constraint, so the player can take it easy and ponder the next move carefully.

While 1010 mercifully doesn’t annoy with any background music, the sound effects of the game prove to be especially rewarding. This notwithstanding, I engaged the mute function and complemented the gameplay with tracks from my Spotify library.

One of the nice gameplay features is the ability to change color schemes.  I swapped out the original soft gray board for a “Dark” theme, which made it easier to save a little battery power and play for a few minutes before sleep without straining my eyes too much.

Be warned: the game can be highly addictive (just one more game and I’ll go to bed!), and chances are that you’ll begin a new round the moment after you’ve been defeated. If you do manage to pause the game, 1010 will autosave and it can be resumed at any time, such as when you’re at JFK at 7 p.m. and waiting 90 minutes for takeoff. Just don’t be surprised if you glance over at your seatmate’s phone and see him gunning for a high score as well.

1010 is free at the App Store, Google Play, and on Amazon.  Ads can be disabled for $1.99, and a variety of color schemes can be purchased starting at $0.99.


Gram Games 1010 on Amazon
Gram Games 1010 on in the App Store
Gram Games 1010 on Google Play

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