Brussels Airlines Business Class New York-Brussels – Flight Review

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The dinner service began with an amuse bouche, warm nuts, and a choice of beverages. The amuse bouche – smoked salmon on a cracker – was rather tasty and I would have had a second helping had I not known how much food was to come.

Next came an appetizer of seared tuna, which was one of the best dishes I’ve had on a plane to date. This was followed by a roasted chicken entrée accompanied by rice, which was also very well prepared although I was admittedly full by that time and ready for sleep. In retrospect, perhaps I should have noshed less in the Lufthansa lounge.

It was time to turn in for the night but first there was chocolate. A trademark of Brussels Airlines is (not surprisingly) Belgian chocolate from Neuhaus. Large red boxes of Neuhaus goodness were placed on each console and were barely touched by the passengers, but I had to indulge. Having gotten my chocolate fix, I put my seat into bed mode and enjoyed three hours of sleep. The seat, in part due to the Lantal pneumatic cushioning system, was very comfortable and I woke up refreshed although not terribly hungry for the breakfast that was being served.

I shouldn’t have fretted because the airline anticipates that some business-class passengers might wish to sleep longer and not have breakfast and offers a breakfast-to-go option in paper bags that I took with me for the drive into town.

A very quiet Brussels Airport after arrival

A very quiet Brussels Airport after arrival


After seven hours and seven minutes aloft, we landed in the early morning hours in the somewhat foggy Belgian countryside.   The arrivals section of the airport was not affected by the bombing, although the departure terminal was significantly affected (see separate coverage here). Soon after disembarking, I was at passport control, which took no time at all. A few clicks on Uber and I was on my way to the city center.


My first-ever Brussels Airlines flight was a great success. Between the excellent service from Erica and Jan, the unending amount of chocolate that was proffered, the thoughtful touches including the early hot towel service and the breakfast to go, and the purser presenting me with the remainder of the Neuhaus box made for a great experience, one that I hoped to repeat again soon.

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