Brussels Airlines Business Class New York-Brussels – Flight Review

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The author's seat

The author’s seat


Brussels has an excellent business-class product on its Airbus A330-300 aircraft. Thanks to the manner in which the seats are configured (on the left and right sides, the rows alternate between one and two seats), some 80% of passengers have direct-aisle access. Many seats have two armrests (these are my favorites) and there is ample storage room at each seat as well.

My seat, 1A, was in the bulkhead row of the business-class cabin.   Not only was it comfortable and had armrests on both sides (the airline calls this the “king seat” and a spokesman informed me that it is the seat used by traveling royalty when flying Brussels), it has an extra large footwell since there is no seat in front of it.

Thanks to a pneumatic cushion system made by Lantal, a Swiss company, the seat is infinitely adjustable from firm to soft with a memory button for your preferred setting. Three buttons allow quick access to frequently used positions, namely bed, lounge, and takeoff/landing. A fluffy pillow and grey woolen blanket were waiting at my seat and were quite comfortable.

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As we prepared to push back, the purser, Erica, walked through the cabin to introduce herself to each passenger.

The plane’s in-flight entertainment system offered one of the best moving maps I had ever encountered. It tracked the aircraft with 3-D maps as it moved from the terminal to the runway and into the air.

Once we attained our cruising altitude, flight attendants put out a selection of fresh fruit on the consoles as well as champagne to tide passengers over while they prepared the meal service. I helped myself to some apples and grapes, which were quite good.

At almost the same time, the crew began a hot towel service, which was earlier than when most airlines offer it. However, the timing was perfect and I’d much rather be offered this amenity at the very start of the flight than later on.

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