British Airways to Add Gogo In-Flight Wi-Fi to Long-Haul Fleet

By Paul Riegler on 9 May 2016
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A British Airways A321 landing at Heathrow

A British Airways A321 landing at Heathrow

British Airways flights across the pond and elsewhere will no longer be a dead zone when it comes to Wi-Fi.

A deal between British Airways’ parent International Airlines Group and Gogo will add what the airline is calling the “fastest” Wi-Fi service on long-haul flights to 118 aircraft in its fleet. The airline said it plans to offer a basic version of Wi-Fi to passengers at no charge, with a fee levied for premium services.

“We believe this will be the best Wi-Fi on international flights anywhere,” said IAG CEO Willie Walsh. The airline promises to support multiple devices simultaneously and offer speeds similar to what passengers would expect at home.

British Airways currently only has three aircraft in its fleet with in-flight Internet service while many of its competitors offer the service on almost all long-haul flights where they compete with BA.

The London-based carrier said it will spend approximately £30 million to install the equipment necessary to provide the service.

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