Delta Gets Last Delivery of Boeing 717s

By Paul Riegler on 12 April 2016
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IMG_9800Delta Air Lines announced that it had received the last batch of its Boeing 717 aircraft Tuesday.

The Atlanta-based airline first announced plans to add 717s to its fleet back in 2012. Eighty-eight of the aircraft are being leased from Southwest Airlines and replaced 50-seat regional jets and some older DC-9 aircraft. Three were purchased from Blue 1, a subsidiary of Scandinavian Airlines.

It took on average two months to transform the Southwest 717s to Delta’s standard product, while the three purchased 717s required a ten-month overhaul.

Delta’s 717s are equipped with 12 seats in the first-class cabin, 20 seats in the Comfort+ (formerly Economy Comfort) premium economy lite section, and 78 seats in coach. The recliner seats in first class are 19.6” wide with a seat pitch of 37”.

The Boeing 717 is a twin-engine, single-aisle aircraft designed by McDonnell Douglas before that aircraft manufacturer merged with Boeing.  It was originally designated the MD-95 and is the third-generation of the DC-9.  The 717 was designed for up to 117 passengers and has a range of 2060 nautical miles.

The first 717s entered service in 1999, two years after the merger.  Production ended in 2006 after 156 were manufactured.

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