United Airlines Begins Regularly Scheduled Flights Powered by Biofuel

By Jesse Sokolow on 14 March 2016
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DSC_0011United Airlines announced that it has begun operating regularly scheduled flights between Los Angeles and San Francisco using sustainable biofuel. The first flight, a Boeing 737, took off Friday, powered by a blend of petroleum based fuel and sustainable biofuel.

The move marks the first time an American airline is using renewable fuel for regularly scheduled service and the airline hopes to expand the program to other flights departing LAX.

The renewable fuel used to power United’s aircraft comes from AltAir Fuel’s Los Angeles refinery, which uses technology developed by Honeywell UOP to produce the jet fuel as well as renewable diesel fuel. United announced its partnership with AltAir back in 2013.

United said that its usage of the biofuel is part of its efforts to reduce carbon emissions and support energy diversification.

The fuel was made using renewable jet fuel process technology, which converts non-edible animal fats and oils into renewable fuels. United says that renewable fuel can replace up to 50% of petroleum-derived jet fuel that is used today without any change to the aircraft technology, and, depending on the biofeedstock, can offer a 65% to 85% reduction in greenhouse as emissions.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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