Lobby Bar – March 25: Downloadable Battery Power, Doody Duty, and How to Become Our Pen Pal

By Jeremy Del Nero on 25 March 2016
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Lobby Bar – A Confusing Compilation of FBT News and Views

Moment of silence. Security was heightened in major urban areas across the globe following the attacks in Brussels on Tuesday – but will it be effective in stopping future attacks?  Our hearts go out to those affected by the tragedy in Belgium – in the meantime, in the words of the immortal Sgt. Esterhaus of “Hill Street Blues,” “Let’s be careful out there.”

Time flies. Don’t forget to set your clocks forward this weekend for Summer Time in the European Union. Good news: Jesse is still offering his time changing service for the low fee of $9.99 plus air fare costs. (Tweet at him for his frequent flyer number.)

Switch to pears. Hop into the 2016 BMW X5 xdrive40e86wtf33bbqX22 Plug-In Hybrid for an emission-free drive around the neighborhood. The car can be reverse-charged through its cigarette-lighter port by plugging in an iPhone and downloading battery bars directly from Apple. Just a warning: Apple surges battery bar pricing during high-demand hours (from 4:00 a.m. to midnight daily).

See what SE can do.  This just in from Apple: a revolutionary new product that will change the way you interact with the world.  Now available in small.

Dr. Spira’s Magic Tonic and Elixir. Join Jonathan Spira at the New York Auto Show, where everything old is new again. That’s partly due to less expensive fuel, but more because of a new healing auto potion that recently hit the market; simply coat your car’s engine with FBT AutoElixir and your car will last an additional five years. Contact us for a free sample today (please include $12,950 shipping and handling).

Sweet sounds. Are you a corporate travel manager? We want to hear from you. Please send a recording of your voice to our PO Box on North Brother island (DM us for the details).

Wide awake.  Jesse Sokolow test drives one of the newest features to hit iPhones: Night Shift. By activating the feature, iPhones emit twice as much blue light to help keep their users awake, thus allowing them to work tirelessly through the night on their “night shift.”

Beware of Brown.  Jonathan Spira tests out Lookout’s Apple Watch app.  By tuning into local CCTV cams, Lookout watches the pavement in front of city pedestrians and alerts them to canine gifts in their path – “look out!”

You rang, Mr. Adams? Butlertech announced a new app that helps travelers explore cities. By pressing a button within the app, Butlertech uses the device’s GPS to dispatch Lurch to your location.  The butler will offer a variety of services, including public restroom Sherpa and free Wi-Fi scavenger modes.

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