Lobby Bar – March 18: Mandatory Happiness, Hotels of Cards, and Obama on the Subway

By Jeremy Del Nero on 18 March 2016
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Lobby Bar – An Alliterative Allusion of FBT News and Views, Perpetually in Neutral

Fun-sized. Jonathan Spira heads to the Village Voice Choice Eats tasting event and has eight recommendations for good grub in NYC. Everything in the event was sample-sized – from the miniature éclairs to the bites of babka – including the napkins and silverware. After dinner, clown cars arrived to ferry guests home.

Tracing game. Which airline currently operates the world’s longest flight? The record, defined by most time spent in the air, is currently held by World Global Air, whose Chicago-Singapore flight follows the coastline of Africa rather than heading there directly over the Sahara.

Free swag! It’s election year, so make sure to exercise your right to vote… in the GlobeRunner awards. Participants will receive a stainless steel “I voted” pin. Please allow approximately 75 years for delivery.

Best way to travel. Paul Riegler dines at Sugar Freak in the Astoria neighborhood of New York City. The restaurant borrowed Jesse’s time machine and transported us to the New Orleans of the 1970s for the evening. At about $40 per person, this was much less expensive than purchasing a roundtrip ticket out of JFK. We’ll soon be testing this money-saving trick at a Thai restaurant, based on available time machine slots of course.

Down the hatch. Denmark has officially regained its title as the world’s happiest country. The data is supposedly a reflection of healthy life expectancy and GDP among other factors, but we think it has more to do with the Xanax that flight attendants are instructed to distribute to all passengers who disembark in the nation.

Move outta da way. Nearly every automaker in the U.S. wants to make automatic emergency braking standard by 2022. Unfortunately, FBT’s bid for the idea of automatic acceleration, which would force slow drivers to go at least the speed limit, was discarded early on in negotiations.

To the underground. Washington D.C. chose to shut down its subway system all day on Wednesday this week. The decision was supposedly made to check for potential fire hazards, but a source from the White House tells us that President Obama planned to ride the subway to get to his appointments on Wednesday after his limo ran out of gas.

True or false. Hilton announced that it broke ground on its first Tru by Hilton hotel. In the same press conference, Hilton’s CEO said that “Tru is the future – all of our other hotels are fake. Literally. They will collapse within 24 hours.”

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