Lobby Bar – March 11: BMWs of the Future, Zero Gravity in Copenhagen, and Cooking in Thin Air

By Jeremy Del Nero on 11 March 2016
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Lobby Bar – A Contemptible Consolidation of FBT News and Views

Juvenile Joe. Jonathan Spira flies from Heathrow to Copenhagen while eating a Danish. The flight attendant was out sick, so an 8-year-old boy was called out of his seat to assist with the in-flight service. He was doing fine until something possessed him to try to open the emergency exit mid-flight, upon which he was relieved of his duties.

Bar none. BMW is celebrating its 100th birthday this year with the unveiling of a concept car. Dubbed the Vision Next 100, the vehicle learns the driver’s habits and can execute certain functions. Unfortunately, after a few months with the car, we found that it would automatically drive us to the local dive bar instead of important business meetings.

Free falling. What’s happening in Copenhagen? Let’s find out! Be sure to plan a visit to Christiania, a magical place in the city where laws do not apply. The law of gravity doesn’t apply either, and visitors are encouraged to bring rope and large magnets to help guide them around the commune.

Skyward construction. John Buckley checks out “Cabin in the Sky” at the New York City Center.  It being more of a DIY tutorial than a musical, guests are encouraged to bring lumber, power tools, and balloons to learn how to build their dream floating houses.

Professional timesmith. Daylight Saving Time is upon us, so for those of you who still cling to devices from the previous century, remember to manually adjust the time. Alternatively, you can hire Jesse Sokolow for $9.99 plus air fare (first class only, please) to do it for you.

Anything you can do… Qatar Airways will soon begin offering the world’s longest flight, which will connect Doha and Auckland, New Zealand. In an effort to one-up Qatar, World Global Air announced that it would begin transatlantic service from New York to Los Angeles – that is to say it would “go around the other way in order to take advantage of the tailwinds” said World Global CEO Jornabin Shpeera.

Cooking with altitude. American Airlines will be revamping its business- and first-class menus this year. The new options will allow passengers to put together their own meals; flight attendants will pass out hot plates, cookware, and a selection of ingredients.

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