British Airways Club World Business Class Seattle-Tacoma – London Heathrow – Review

By Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren on 30 March 2016
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As may be expected, it was raining at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport when I stepped off the curb and headed for British Airways’ ticketing counter. Today’s destination was London Heathrow in the Club World business class cabin.

It was off to security after a delightfully easy and short check-in, where, unfortunately, the line was one of the longest I’d ever seen. It took nearly 40 minutes to get through the TSA checkpoint.

Once past the TSA I headed to the British Airways lounge, located in the south satellite terminal. It was small compared to major hub lounges, but well appointed nonetheless. A variety of pleasant hot and cold food offerings alongside a well-stocked bar provided an opportunity for a light snack prior to departure. The lounge also has shower facilities, which is an unexpected amenity for a non-hub lounge.

The author's seat

The author’s seat


Not long after my arrival, an announcement over the PA advised that boarding had begun for the flight. A small stampede of passengers began in earnest as nearly the entire lounge spilled out in the direction of Gate S10. Boarding for the flight was already well underway, as the jet bridge was backed up by the time the lounge crowd arrived.

A friendly flight attendant greeted me as I boarded the Boeing 777-200, and directed me towards my seat, 15A, at the rear of the Club World cabin. A member of the crew offered pre-flight beverages, another took my coat, and yet another provided amenity kits that featured Elemis beauty products alongside the usual personal care items. A set of headphones, a suitably sized pillow, and a packaged blanket were already waiting on the seat.

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