AA Pilots Union Calls for Immediate ‘Cultural Change’ to Stop ‘Negative Surprises’

By Jesse Sokolow on 8 March 2016
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DSC_0815American Airlines pilots union openly criticized the company and its management while calling for change in a letter to CEO Doug Parker last week.

The union, which was an early backer of the airline’s merger with US Airways when it was first proposed, reminded Parker that the merger took place in part thanks to the support of its unions and that the promise of “cultural change” was being cast aside.

Noting that AA President Scott Kirby recently said that high-value customers care most about schedule and service, the letter from the Allied Pilots Association board of directors called the current American Airlines product “embarrassing.” Pilots are “tired of apologizing to our customers” when they hear from these customers that the product is not what they expect from the airline, the union said, adding that both pilots and passengers alike regularly experience “negative surprises.”

“The often-repeated excuse that ‘we need more time’ won’t cut it,” the letter said.

“Crew scheduling repeatedly violates our contract, Payroll appears incapable of correctly paying our pilots, and Air Operations and Labor Relations operate at cross-purposes with your vision of a new culture.”

American’s merger with US Airways was announced in February 2013. The airline is two years into a five-year integration plan and is investing $4 billion in new aircraft as well as another $3 billion in improving aircraft cabins, lounges, and other products and services.

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