8 Best New York City Restaurants from the 2016 Village Voice Choices Eats Tasting Event

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Mini eclairs from Sugar Couture

Mini eclairs from Sugar Couture

Grilled Nueske’s Bacon
Quality Eats, 19 Greenwich Avenue, New York, N.Y.
Who could argue about anything with bacon? Quality Eats served two of my favorite things together, bacon and peanut butter, accompanied by jalapeño jelly.


Chocolate Babka
Brooklyn Bread Lab, 201 Moore Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.
One of our first stops was at the Lab stall, where staffers were busy slicing the most luscious chocolate babka I’ve seen. It tasted as good if not better than it looked and I wanted to sneak a loaf or two home.

Loi Estiatorio, 132 West 58th St, New York, N.Y
Having grown up with baklava, a rich sweet pastry made of layers of filo dough filled with chopped nuts and honey, thanks to the largess of some family friends who made it at home, I consider myself an expert in knowing great baklava when I see it. Loi’s version, which I’ve had before in the restaurant, is really good.

Jarritos was Mexico's first national soft drink when it debuted in 1950.

Jarritos was Mexico’s first national soft drink when it debuted in 1950.

Mini Eclairs
Sugar Couture, 386 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Known for its cakes, Sugar Couture offered diners the most exquisite mini eclairs I’ve ever had. I tried one of each: Seville Orange Marmalade and Pistachio Hibiscus. Yet another reason to go to Williamsburg.

Not a restaurant, Jarritos is a popular brand of soft drink from Mexico that I had heard of but never had the opportunity to sample. I only had time to taste the company’s delicious all-natural mandarin flavor soda, which was cleverly advertised at the company’s booth with a sign stating that “anyone” could make orange soda, but I definitely plan on buying some for home.


There were many more booths and I wish we had been able to try them all, but even limiting oneself to small bites of the small portions is filling, after the first half dozen or so. The Choice Eats event is much like the oversized menu at the local Greek diner: you’re faced with myriad choices and it’s hard to make up your mind, but the likelihood is that you’ll never make a wrong choice.

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