To Boot New York Founder Adam Derrick on Shoes and Travel

By Jonathan Spira on 25 February 2016
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A few years ago, my brother gave me a pair of To Boot New York boots. They were extremely comfortable and I soon found myself wearing them when traveling, ditching my beloved pair of travel loafers. I subsequently added a few more pairs of shoes from To Boot and grew to like the company and its focus on comfort and style.

Therein lies a tale that involves a man who loves footwear, quality, and travel.

Adam Derrick, the company’s co-founder, is one dedicated designer. Everything the company sells is made in small handcrafted production runs in Italy, where the company employs three family owned companies. He flies to Italy six times a year, visiting his factories in Florence, the Marche region along the Adriatic coast, and Naples, and travels extensively throughout the United States in the course of a year for both business and pleasure.

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Naturally, he is mostly seen wearing his own company’s shoes and that’s frequently at an airport. Indeed, Adam sees his company’s target customer as someone “very involved in travel.”

Shoes are a make or break type of product. “I feel that a guy’s overall look, impression, and comfort are all very dependent on having the right footwear,” he told me on a cold Friday afternoon in his Tribeca showroom, where we chatted about the company, his shoes, and travels.

To Boot introduces over 100 new styles each year and that alone keeps Adam in a state of perpetual motion.

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