2016 Frequent Business Traveler Business Travel Outlook Report

2016 Frequent Business Traveler Busines2016-Business-Travel-Outlook-Report-Covers Travel Outlook Report

This report offers detailed analysis and a business travel forecast for 2016.  It supplements this analysis with a study of key trends, preferences, and challenges in business travel.

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This content can help you
•    Understand the current state of the business travel sector and its scope for future growth
•    Learn what issues drive decisions on the part of the business traveler and corporate travel manager
•    Augment your business planning with a strategic overview of the sector

What this report includes
This report includes in-depth analysis and trends for the business travel and the travel industry.  The content address four main areas:

The business travel landscape
Travel forecast for 2016 and market opportunities
Airlines and Air Travel
Loyalty programs

The business traveler
Key preferences
Inside the business traveler’s head: what he is thinking

How different age groups have differing expectations from travel
What employees expect from their business travel experiences

How loyalty programs create individual goals not in accord from corporate goals and policies
Difficulties travelers face with technology
What tools and technologies business travelers do and do not employ
Issues that adversely impact work while traveling

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