U.K. Registered Traveller Program Now Available to U.S. Citizens

Registered Traveller Lets Passengers Bypass Lengthy Passport Control Lines

By Jesse Sokolow on 1 December 2015
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Passport control stations at Heathrow Terminal 2

The United Kingdom is now offering U.S. citizens an opportunity to join its new trusted traveler program that offers expedited entry into the country. The service allows those arriving in the United Kingdom to avoid the often lengthy lines at passport control.

Registered Traveller is a new service offered by the UK Border Force that gives users access to ePassport gates when used with a biometric passport. Travelers enrolled in the program also have access to a dedicated Registered Traveller lane at Gatwick Airport and can use entry lanes for U.K. and European Union passport holders at any airport in the country including Edinburgh, Gatwick, Heathrow, London City, Manchester, and Stansted. Those traveling by train can use U.K./EU lanes at Brussels, Lille, and Paris Eurostar train terminals.

Once enrolled, travelers will no longer need to complete a landing card upon arrival to the United Kingdom nor will there be a credibility interview with a Border Force officer prior to admission.

Nationals of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States who are 18 years of age or older are eligible for the program provided they either have a visa (with certain exceptions) or have visited the United Kingdom four times in the past 52 weeks for reasons that include business, education, tourism, education, or medical treatment.

The Registered Traveller program costs £70 for one year.

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