In the Air for the Holidays: American Airlines First Class A321T New York-San Francisco – Flight Review

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The seat also provides a universal electrical outlet, USB outlet, a water bottle holder, a reading lamp, and a connector for American’s three-conductor Bose noise-cancelling headphones as well as a standard audio jack for using your own. A separate panel controls the seat (there are preset positions such as “bed” as well as general controls for infinite adjustment).

The tray table’s design is very well thought out (in contrast to what I’ve seen on numerous other aircraft where it can be a chore to open for use) and it popped in and out of a compartment without having to move anything out of its way. (By contrast, on several airlines including Delta’s Delta One cabin on 767 aircraft, opening the tray table requires one to remove anything on the front half of the armrest such as the beverage you were just served.)


Once we were at cruising altitude, flight attendants began the breakfast service. It began with a pleasantly scented hot towel and drinks. I had asked for a double cappuccino and apple juice before takeoff and that arrived immediately (there are many advantages to being in the front row, including extremely prompt service) accompanied by two biscotti, which may have been my favorite part of the breakfast fare.

The A321's first-class cabin on a previous flight

The A321’s first-class cabin on a previous flight


Breakfast in first class on the A321T is a complicated affair. It starts with a yoghurt parfait that may be customized with fresh fruit and granola, accompanied by a small fresh fruit platter (which I put to the side to snack on later).

Shortly thereafter, I was faced with a decision: biscuit or croissant (I chose the former, I’ve always liked American’s biscuits). While these seemed a tad mushy compared to good Southern biscuits, it wasn’t bad.

For the main course, I had a choice of a Gruyère and Fontina cheese omelet with mushrooms, a bowl of granola, and my selection, sea salted waffles accompanied by chicken apple sausage. The waffles were tasty although, after my foray at the Admiral Club’s buffet, I wasn’t overly hungry and only had one.

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