Delta Air Lines First Class New York JFK-Phoenix Flight 420 – Review

First Class Cabin, Second Class Service

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The tray was silently removed and I asked for coffee, which came promptly and was pretty good for an airplane. About 15 minutes later, the flight attendant came back with a coffee pot and uttered the only two words I heard her speak, with the exception of required PA announcements, during the entire flight: “More coffee?”

Throughout the flight, my few requests were met with both silence and a stony stare. Her overall demeanor made me feel unwelcome and extremely uncomfortable.

I don’t expect flight attendants – or anyone else for that matter – to keep me entertained, to engage in needless banter, or to cater to my every whim..What I do not expect is to be made to feel as unwelcome as I felt during this particular flight.


As soon as I heard the gong indicating we had reached 10,000 feet, I took out my laptop and logged into Gogo’s in-flight Internet service.

Gogo offers a variety of services including monthly subscriptions for a single airline and multiple airlines, as well as one-hour, one-flight, and one-day passes.

Download speed for some websites seemed reasonably fast although my Speedtest app showed 0.06 Mbps downstream while uploads were significantly faster at 1.74 Mbps.


We arrived early, which was very much appreciated considering the late hour I would be arriving at my hotel and my desire for this flight to end. I paused to admire the ca. 1917 French SPAD XIII aircraft hanging from the ceiling near the escalators to baggage claim. The plane, which sports a wooden airframe and fabric-covered wings, was restored using 80% original parts from three SPAD aircraft and 20% replicated parts.


The flight was uneventful. We took off, stayed in the air, and had a smooth landing. The abysmal cabin service, however, took all the joy out of flying. I realize that anyone can have a bad day but the flight attendant’s interactions with not just me but all passengers in first were simply unacceptable and unprofessional.

(Photos: Accura Media Group)

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