Delta Air Lines First Class New York JFK-Phoenix Flight 420 – Review

First Class Cabin, Second Class Service

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Indeed, other airlines have far more comfortable seats in the same model aircraft; I’ve flown several times on American Airlines’ 737s, and the first-class seats there might well be the best domestic first-class seats. They have the same width and a seat pitch of 41”, plus excellent back support and far more useful amenities including a laptop storage compartment. Other airlines are moving in the direction of offering greater pitch as well; just last week, Alaska Airlines announced it would increase the seat pitch in first class on its planes from 36” to 41”.

The refurbished 737 also had new lavatories which, while small, were quite serviceable, and featured Malin + Goetz hand lotion, a thoughtful touch.


The dinner service started without fanfare, although I noticed that the flight attendant working in first didn’t say very much when offering beverages or acknowledging my drink order. My request to dine later in the flight was met with a perfunctory head nod, so I just thanked her and began watching a movie on my MacBook Pro. Strangely enough, when she came through the cabin with dessert, she offered me one, and I demurred, saying I’d prefer to have dessert after my meal.

When I rang the call bell after about two hours in flight to ask if I could have dinner, my request was met with what to me appeared to be an irritated facial expression, and the flight attendant walked to the galley without saying a word. She didn’t turn the call light off so, a few moments later, another flight attendant came over and asked if I needed anything.

About ten minutes later, my dinner was served. I had been offered a choice of vegetarian lasagna or short ribs, and I chose the latter, as I’ve had good experience with several variations of short ribs when flying Delta. The short ribs were accompanied by mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, a mixed salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing, and a warm roll and butter.

A big problem with the meal was that it was cold. The plate was lukewarm but the ribs and carrots were not even hot. I summoned the flight attendant and asked for the entrée to be warmed. Silently, she removed the dish. Her demeanor at this point made me feel quite unwelcome and, more importantly, made me feel as if my requests were an imposition on her.

Moments later, another flight attendant – one who was truly outgoing and actually spoke – came to ask if I needed anything and I explained that the other flight attendant had once again not turned off the call light.

When my now warmed dish finally returned, the carrots were hot but the beef was barely in a lukewarm state. It was a shame because I suspect that it would have been very tasty when hot. I had a few bites and moved on to the Limoncello gelato, which was very tasty, although it had clearly sat out and not been put back into the chiller.

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