American Air, Alaska, United, Join Delta in Banning Hoverboards

By Jesse Sokolow on 11 December 2015
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DSC_0837Three additional airlines announced that they will no longer permit passengers to bring hoverboards onto the aircraft as carry-on baggage or in checked luggage.

American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and United Airlines all announced the new policy Thursday.

“Hoverboards cannot fly” read the headline of the blog post by Alaska.

Delta had banned all lithium battery-powered self-balancing personal transportation devices both in carry-on and checked baggage starting December 11, citing “poorly labeled, powerful lithium batteries” which pose a threat to in-flight safety.

The Atlanta-based carrier said that manufacturers do not “consistently” label information about the size or power of the batteries and that some devices contain batteries that exceed the government mandated 160-watt hour limit allowed on aircraft.

American said the move followed an ongoing investigation into hoverboards by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, which has received over ten reports of hoverboards fires in nine states, the agency said.

The International Air Transport Association recommended that such transport devices be carried only as carry-on items but each airline is free to set its own policies on what is acceptable for carriage.

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