2016 Acura MDX SH-AWD – Review and Road Test

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The cabin is extremely quiet as the result of an acoustic windshield, acoustic front door glass, and thicker rear glass as well as improved door seals. Higher end models have thicker carpet padding and front fender liners that further reduce noise audible in the cabin.

One thing immediately noticeable is the dual display infotainment system that uses a touchscreen, a dial, and an LCD. This leads to a bit of Information Overload as audio information may be simultaneously displayed on both screens, albeit in entirely different layouts. The lower touchscreen serves several useful functions that include six presets for audio, locations, and phone numbers, and opening up a touchscreen keyboard for reasonably fast data entry.

Audio possibilities are endless: the infotainment system can handle anything from Bluetooth to USB to its own hard drive. It worked very well with an iPhone 6s Plus and allowed me to quickly browse my music library over Bluetooth. Rear-seat entertainment options include a wide-screen display with an HDMI input.

The navi is easy to use and now uses traffic data to warn of delays along a route.


Most noticeable about the Acura is how good its headlights are. The Jewel Eye LED headlights use five LEDs per side to produce a whiter, brighter beam. They also last longer than older technologies such as HID or halogen and use less energy as well. When off, the lights’ reflectors give the car a jeweled appearance.

The low beams use the three outer LEDs on each side and the high beams use the two inner LEDs and illuminate distant objects quite effectively, making for a safer drive on dark country roads and highways. When on as daytime running lights, all five contribute to adding to the newest signature Accura look.

The MDX’ seats are extremely comfortable and provide excellent support. The leather has a soft, posh feel to it and the overall cabin experience is that of understated elegance. The second row of seats is quite comfortable as well, but I’d reserve the third row for occasional use only as legroom is about as generous as on a budget airline.

Press the Start/Stop button, followed by the D button on the push-button transmission selector, and off you go.

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