Motorola Moto X Pure Edition – Review

By Jeremy Del Nero on 4 November 2015
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I’ll admit it: I’m team Android.  Friends and family, as well as much of the FBT staff, are baffled by my devotion to Apple computers in view of my reluctance to embrace the iPhone.  Having used both Android and iOS platforms extensively, I definitely like the iPhone experience, but I love the variety in Android products and the open interface that the operating system brings.

There are pros and cons to each platform, but recent Android advancements have been impressive and Motorola’s Moto X Pure Edition is the latest addition to a growing list of Android phones.  The Pure Edition is a revved-up addition to Motorola’s lineup of smartphones – with a bigger screen and improved hardware and specs sure to please the most demanding user.

The most attractive selling point of the Moto X Pure Edition isn’t the hardware or software, it’s that the phone can be purchased unlocked and without contract for $399.99.  Most impressive about the phone is that it can switch between all major mobile networks with utmost ease, making it ideal for international travelers who swap carriers frequently on their journeys.


As phone makers continue to try to gain an advantage over each other, we’ve seen an explosion in screen sizes.  Holding Motorola’s new flagship phone in my hand, I was struck by its size. Measuring 5.7” diagonally, the Moto X’s screen size is slightly larger than the iPhone 6 Plus’ and begins to encroach into the realm of tablets. The screen provides beautiful images and graphics: streaming video and playing high-definition games are a pleasure.

This begs the question: at what point does a larger screen begin to make a phone cumbersome rather than useful? The answer is that it largely depends on whom you ask and when you ask them. Out of the box, I was sure that the Moto X was too large to hold comfortably, and in my first week of use I was considering switching back to last year’s model.  As most who upgrade to larger screens will attest, including Jonathan Spira after his initial experiences with the iPhone 6 Plus, once you start using a larger screen, everything else seems puny and unacceptable in comparison. Now, after two weeks of use, I gladly accept the larger screen in exchange for a phone that, while it approaches unwieldiness, does not quite cross the line.

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