Lobby Bar – November 27: Santa Gets Greedy, Dieselgate Confessions, and the Teddy Bear Express

By Jeremy Del Nero on 27 November 2015
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Lobby Bar – A Completely-Free-For-Black-Friday Summary of FBT News and Views

Deal with the devil. With winter weather already bearing its teeth, Jesse Sokolow has some tips on how to keep your cool during holiday travel. Taking the train can be a good option, or chartering Santa’s sleigh for the afternoon will get you anywhere in minutes, although Santa has a lengthy waiting list. Don’t worry: bribing Santa to jump the queue won’t put you on his naughty list.

Remember me? Jonathan Spira gets behind the wheel of the Toyota Prius 4 Touring, which has gotten a facelift since its awkward teenage years. Remember that lanky, loner kid in high school? Well he just showed up to your 20th high school reunion with a CEO job title and a trophy wife.

Bear with us. Join Paul Riegler at Platform 9¾ to board the Heathrow Express from London Heathrow to Paddington station. The Heathrow Express, aside from being the fastest way to get to central London from the airport, is adorable because it’s piloted by a giant Paddington teddy bear. Teddy bears have an astute sense of direction, and in the case of a crash, serve as a more comfortable airbag.

Intermediary gifting. T-Mobile wants to exchange gifts with you this year. The carrier is offering its customers three months of unlimited LTE data. If you’re looking for a good gift for T-Mobile, we saw Adele’s newest album on the company’s Amazon wish list. Just send any gifts to the FBT office and we’ll forward them along.

Above and beyond. Amazon Prime members can now enjoy unlimited Amazon Instant Video streaming on JetBlue flights. Better yet, if you haven’t quite finished the episode when it comes time to land, the pilot will circle the plane above your destination until the show concludes.

Hot water. Volkswagen’s CEO has some news about who was responsible for installing the emissions-cheating software in its gasoline and diesel vehicles. Turns out it was a low level intern who used to work for VW years ago. He went by the name of Jeremie Deniro… funny, why does that name sound familiar?

ATM racer. Starting next fall, London taxis will begin to accept credit cards and contactless payment methods for cab fare. This means instead of paying with cash, you can hand the driver a credit card or smartphone as payment – just be sure to cancel the credit card before your driver goes on too much of a spending spree.

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