Delta Air Lines Arrivals Lounge London Heathrow – Review

By Paul Riegler on 30 November 2015
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Delta now offers passengers arriving in London an arrivals lounge befitting the level of service it offers in Delta One. With the relocation of multiple U.S.-origin flights from Terminal 4 to Terminal 3 as part of its partnership with Virgin Atlantic (which also uses Terminal 3 and has its Upper Class Clubhouse – which Jonathan Spira reviewed in April 2014 – for outbound passengers) Delta opted to open its own arrivals lounge and took over the space previously used by Air Canada before that carrier’s move to Terminal 2.

Delta flights from Boston, Los Angeles, Newark, and New York now arrive at T3 giving passengers on those flights easy access to the lounge, while flights from Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Seattle continue to arrive at Terminal 4. Since the Arrivals Lounge is landside, it is possible for those arriving at Terminal 4 to use the Heathrow Connect train upon arrival and access the lounge.

Arriving on a flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport, I headed to the new lounge, which requires going outside towards the bus stops and making a left. Signage is good if you don’t happen to know where the old Air Canada facility was and the walkway is covered in case of inclement weather that is so often the case in London.

DSC_0787 (1)

The new Delta Arrivals lounge is open to all Delta One passengers as well as Platinum and Medallion SkyMiles members. It’s open from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Simply push a button at the entrance and the receptionist will buzz you in.

The services offered at the lounge rival those of the best arrivals lounges I’ve seen. The lounge is divided into four key areas, namely reception, dining room, shower suites, and lounge. The reception area doesn’t have a cool desk as at the new Delta One at LAX private check-in, which is the horizontal stabilizer from a retired Douglas DC-9 aircraft, but it accommodates two very pleasant Virgin agents (Virgin Atlantic manages the lounge on behalf of Delta) who will provide a quick tour of the facility.

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