Ford Sync 3 – Review and Test Report

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The screen design is simple, which is a matter of taste, and it lacks the sophistication of the look one expects on a contemporary smartphone interface, but it is nonetheless easy to use. The color scheme – light blue and white – is neutral. Maps look good and the route you are traveling on is highlighted.

Autofill works quite well and limits the amount of entry needed when typing in the name of a point of interest, although after becoming acclimated to the system, I grew confident with the system’s ability to recognize names of places using speech-to-text, which eliminated any need to use the touchscreen for that purpose. On-screen lane guidance was excellent, providing accurate directions for following the chosen route.

To reduce screen clutter, Sync 3 cleverly pops up a wheel when adjusting cabin temperature or volume that retreats once that task is done.


One of my favorite features was Siri Eyes Free voice recognition, which adds Siri functionality for iPhone users. While Ford has not announced plans for adding Apple CarPlay (or Android Auto) support, I found myself accessing Siri via the voice command button on the steering wheel. The addition of this functionality makes the system more useful as Sync 3 alone does not provide the extensive support to queries that Siri does.


The combination of improved touchscreen responsiveness, Siri integration, better voice command support, and a clean user interface make Sync 3 everything its predecessors were not.

Sync 3 is currently available on eight Ford vehicles including the 2016 Mustang, Fiesta, Focus, Expedition, and Escape, and Ford plans to add more in the coming model years. If there’s a Ford in your future, don’t leave home without it.

(Photos: Accura Media Group)

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