Bunn Speed Brew Coffee Machine – Review

By Jesse Sokolow on 21 October 2015
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Although my father was quite the caffeine addict while I was growing up, I never developed the habit of a morning Joe. However, in my adult years I have acquired a taste for coffee, and occasionally drop in at the local Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte, or two.

Sometimes, having access to on demand coffee is somewhat important, especially for someone working frequently from home and needing an early morning pick-me-up. This led to finding a good, mid-priced coffee maker and the Bun Speed Brew was the answer (it sells for under $150).


With no assembly required, an initial setup procedure only involved rinsing the carafe out, filling the brewer’s internal tank with two carafes worth of water (this was a one-time occurrence, and did not need to be repeated), adding coffee for one full pot.

IMGP5791 (1)

The machine, mostly black with a sleek silver shaft, is controlled by two switches, one for initiating the brew process, and one for the warmer plate. The Bunn Speed Brew can make up to ten cups of coffee at once, and does so in four minutes, living up to its name.


The brewing process starts with filling the water tank with the desired amount of water, placing a Bunn flat-bottom filter into the machine, and adding the right amount of ground coffee. To make the drink, simply slide open the lid at the top, and pour the water into the machine.

My first cup of black coffee, made using Lavazza Crema e Gusto, made me realize what my father had been talking about all those years, when he extolled the virtues of a good cup of coffee brewed at home.

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