Briggs and Riley International Carry-On Expandable Wide-Body Upright and Large Clamshell Backpack – Luggage Review

By Paul Riegler on 11 September 2015
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When it comes to luggage, most travelers are creatures of habit and tend to replace one bag with a very similar model, usually from the same manufacturer. While I liked my current roll aboard, I had had it since 2010 and it was time for a change.

My original criteria for a bag were unchanged: durability, ease of use, high quality materials, and the design of internal and external storage compartments.  My choice this time was the International Carry-On Expandable Wide-Body Upright from Briggs and Riley as well as the company’s Large Clamshell Backpack.  I shared testing duties with FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira, who helped put the bags through their paces.


The first thing I noticed about the Briggs and Riley bag was its completely flat interior. No longer did I have to pack around the handle, which intruded into my older bag. Everything could lie flat.

DSC_0240 (1)

The bag is constructed from ballistic nylon, which doesn’t show wear and appears to be good at resisting dirt.

The front of the bag features a large, gusseted U-shaped pocket with an inside pocket ideal for papers. The Smartlink strap (which pops out of a small zipped pocket) makes it easy to secure one or two smaller bags to make getting around easier.

I’ve used the bag on about five trips of varying length and I’ve found it much easier to pack thanks to the flat interior. For slightly longer trips, I’ve taken advantage of what the company refers to as CX technology, which allows the bag to expand 34% in size and then compresses the contents down to its original size.

While I do travel with a suit or sport jacket, I don’t usually use the suiter that comes with a roll aboard, preferring just to roll such items in the bag. I therefore left the suiter behind and relied on the large interior compartment in the bag’s front compartment for shirts.

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