3 Tips for A Restful Night’s Sleep in the iPhone Age

Seriously, Stop Using Your New iPhone 6s in Bed

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Using an alarm clock instead of a phone keeps temptation at bay

Using an alarm clock instead of a phone keeps temptation at bay

Here are three tips for sleeping better in an age where smart devices rule.

1.)  Disconnect

The most important step you can take is to disconnect, stop using your smartphone or tablet at least an hour before heading to bed.  Better yet, also turn off the TV, and power down your laptop as well.  Leave your phone in another room or at least not within reach of the bed to better resist temptation when the lights go out and use a traditional alarm clock instead.

2.)  Reserve the Bedroom Exclusively for Sleep and Only Sleep

Using your bed and bedroom exclusively for sleep will help your brain associate the environment with rest.  Try to avoid using your bedroom for anything else, be it watching TV, exercising, working, reading, or – as mentioned throughout this article – using electronic devices.

3.)  Establish a Routine

Go to bed and wake up at roughly the same time each day. A consistent sleep schedule will help the body and mind fall asleep and wake up with greater ease.   Adopting a nighttime routine or ritual before bed – be it a soak in a hot bath, reading a book, or listening to music – will properly prepare you for an easy transition into dream-land. Adults need on average between seven and nine hours of sleep so try to stay consistent and remember that sleep is best in one uninterrupted cycle.

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