Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787 Dreamliner Upper Class London-Washington, D.C. – Flight Review

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Seats on the left side of the aircraft have greater privacy than those on the right largely due to a partition that defines the left aisle. The center seats are to the right of the partition and are angled in the direction of the seats on the right side of the plane. At the rear of the cabin is a new version of Virgin’s in-flight bar, complete with bar stools.

The seat appeared to be narrower than what I had experienced on Virgin Atlantic 747 flights but it’s just as comfortable. Similar to the original, it flips over to create a 78”-long, 33”-wide lie-flat bed, although the latest version does its flipping electrically rather than manually. The flip allows for using the appropriate materials on one side for the seat and, on the obverse, for the bed.

Each seat has a pop-up shelf for holding a drink and snack as well as a pull-out dining table, albeit smaller than on the 747, somewhat limiting its practicality for inviting a friend over for dinner. However, it’s more than sufficient when working or dining by oneself.

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The guest, of course, would sit on the ottoman that also serves as the footrest for the seat in bed mode. The airline’s amenity kit awaited on the ottoman, and included eyeshades, socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and lip balm.


No sooner had I gotten to my seat than a flight attendant was offering a pre-departure beverage. The festive Upper Class atmosphere always makes me order Champagne, which was quite good. I organized my electronics for the flight and sipped contentedly.

Soon it was time for lunch. The menu offered a choice of smoked salmon, mushroom gnocchi, and my choice, carrot, ginger, and cardamom soup, which was warm and satisfying. The soup was accompanied by warm rolls covered in roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

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