Tacoway Beach, The Rockaways, New York – Restaurant Review

By Paul Riegler on 18 August 2015
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Unbeknownst to most New Yorkers, a major taco crisis in the city was averted recently when Andrew Field, formerly a partner in the recently shuttered Rockaway Tacos, decided to open his own establishment on the premises of the Rockaway Beach Surf Club on Beach 87th Street.

With the new name and location come multiple improvements.  There are far more seats at Tacoway Beach (Rockaway Taco had a few benches but that was it) and the bar at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club serves a variety of drinks that complement Tacoway Beach’s excellent juice drinks.


The menu includes several kinds of tacos –  fish, chorizo, and tofu –  at the very reasonable price of $3.50 each plus $1 for guacamole if desired.  A sizable black bean and cheese quesadilla accompanied by fried sweet plantain is only $4.50 plus $1 for guac.


Fish taco with guacamole

Fish taco with guacamole

My dining companion, FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira, and I started with a fish taco with guac each.  One taco arrived sans guac but both were excellent.  He paired his taco with a very mild ginger beer from the outdoor bar, which also offers a variety of sodas but no bottled water (tap water is available, however).  I opted for the pineapple-mint juice, which by itself was worth the 45-minute-long drive.

We noticed the line getting longer as we ate, so the first to finish got in line to order seconds.  I opted for two more fish tacos with guac (the charge for one of the additional guacamole servings was waived when we mentioned the missing topping) and he ordered the quesadilla, also with guac.

The tacos were ready almost instantly but the quesadilla took a bit more time.  The quesadilla too, had been served without the ordered guac, but that was immediately rectified by a quick return visit to the booth, where guacamole was cheerfully dispensed.

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