Lobby Bar – August 14: Multiplayer Autos, Nudity in Traffic, and Urban 747 Parking

By Jeremy Del Nero on 14 August 2015
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Lobby Bar – A Metaphysical Summary of FBT News and Views

Team driving. Join Paul Riegler behind the wheel of the 2015 Audi A3 Cabriolet 2.0T quattro. The “quattro” refers to the number of sets of steering wheels, brakes, and accelerator pedals. In what Audi calls the first collaborative driving experience, each passenger in the car can perform corrective maneuvers with his own controls. The driver, however, is the only one in sole possession of the radio dial.

Beauty Baggage. Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren snaps some candid photos of the new Airbus A350 in its native habitat. The lead A350 model looked at our photos and was less than enthusiastic: “look at that picture,” she exclaimed, “I’m covered with blemishes and have huge bags under my eyes!” The bags, it turned out, were Samsonite.

Romantic relief. We have officially launched a mobile version of Frequent Business Traveler, so power up your smartphone and check it out! Now you’ll have something to read under the table when you’re on a boring Tinder date, courtesy of FBT.

Strategic riding. If you’ve ever had trouble hailing a taxi cab, do we have an article for you. There are myriad techniques, but we’ve found that mooning the traffic will generally bring all cars to a halt and, then you can choose any old vehicle to hop into – taxi or not.

Sliding scale. We asked and you answered: what are the frequent traveler’s biggest hotel pet peeves? Topping the list for the fourth year running was No Private Waterslide to Breakfast. Hilton and Marriott spokesmen declined to comment on whether they would be implementing this oft-requested amenity in the coming year.

Give and take. More and more tourist destinations are banning the use of selfie sticks on the grounds of safety. To appease some of the disgruntled narcissists, many of these places, including Disney’s, will install floor-to-ceiling mirrors throughout the property to ensure you are always able to glance and see how good you look.

Live and direct. United Airlines announced several new in-flight entertainment options on some regional jets. One of these – a contingency plan in case the entertainment center malfunctions – is a live demonstration of the worm, performed by the cabin crew in drag.

Tow-Away Zone. Delta and Virgin Atlantic opened a bar in central London recently. While the establishment is nowhere near Heathrow Airport, local residents have complained of parking problems when jumbo jet captains arrive for a drink after work.

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