Dream Midtown, New York – Hotel Review

By Jesse Sokolow on 28 August 2015
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Sleep and dreams. The two are inexorably intertwined (just ask Freud). As a result, the idea of staying at a hotel that emphasized “dreams” in its name was very appealing.

Walking into the Dream Hotel NYC at the corner of West 55th Street and Broadway, eager for some rest and a respite from the high energy of Midtown Manhattan, I immediately found that the descriptive “dream” name was well deserved.

The dark and soothing palette of the lobby seemed to draw guests in from the noise and crowds of the street and entice them to lay their heads to rest. Equally soothing was a floor-to-ceiling cylindrical salt-water fish tank, set in the middle of the floor and filled with a variety of exotic species. The aesthetic was almost a metaphor inspired by the name of the hotel: the dark lobby represented the restful nights of sleep that guests would surely enjoy, while the brightly lit aquarium seemed indicative of the fanciful dreams that would abound in the world of sleep.

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After stopping to admire the lobby, I proceeded to the front desk, where check-in formalities were swiftly accomplished, and I was off to my room.


My fourth floor Silver King room included a bed and work area, and there was a good amount of open floor space. The bed, flanked by nightstands, had an elegant patterned padded headboard that ran up the wall and folded over into a lighted canopy. A quirky spherical lantern hung from the ceiling, and provided ample illumination next to the bed.

A flat screen TV faced the bed, and a minibar was located under it. A small closet was just inside the entranceway, with room enough for to hang about five or six shirts.

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