U.K. Airports Commission: Heathrow ‘Best-Placed’ for New Runway

By Jesse Sokolow on 1 July 2015
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London Heathrow from the air

London Heathrow from the air

The U.K. Airports Commission, the agency that is charged with examining the need for additional airport capacity in the United Kingdom and making recommendations to government relating thereto, recommended that a third runway be added at London Heathrow Airport.

A new northwest runway “presents the strongest case and offers the greatest strategic and economic benefits – providing around 40 new destinations from the airport and more than 70,000 new jobs by 2050,” the agency said in a statement.

The commission’s chairman, Sir Howard Davies, said that the £17 billion expansion at Heathrow was the “clear and unanimous” choice but added that the there should be a ban on night flights and laws against ever building a fourth runway.

“And as there is no environmental or operational case for a fourth runway, the government should take action in Parliament to rule it out firmly and finally,” he added.

Compared to Gatwick, “Heathrow is best-placed to provide the type of capacity which is most urgently required: long haul destinations to new markets,” he concluded.

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