Ten Tips for Safer Summer Travel

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5.) Blend in.

To have a better chance of avoiding the crooks, try to not look like a tourist.  Walking around with an unfolded map is akin to having a target painted on your back. Jonathan Spira reported that using his Apple Watch for walking directions made it possible to keep his iPhone in his pocket and thus blend in better with the crowds.

6.) Pay attention.

This is more about safety, but just as important as when we were five years old and our mothers told us – look both ways before crossing the street, especially in countries where right-hand drive is the rule (or the opposite, if you live in Japan or the United Kingdom). Additionally, try not to walk and text. The number of emergency-room admissions for pedestrians who walk into lampposts while texting has doubled most years since 2008.

7.) Be social, but not too social.

Would-be thieves monitor your social network going ons as much as your friends do.  Consider posting “Here I am at…” pictures after your return, and avoid checking in if your social network settings don’t restrict this information to close associates. The evening news last night included a report on how several households were wiped out by thieves after a member of the household posted the family’s travel plans in a public forum.

8.) Watch out for the potted palm.

The “free” Wi-Fi hotspot you see in the hotel or airport could be a so-called “evil twin” operated by a hacker sitting on the other side of the potted palm in the lobby.  Only use known networks (ask the hotel what its Wi-Fi network name is) and use a VPN (virtual private network) if you need to log into accounts with a username and password.

9.) Pat yourself down.

After sitting on a bus, train, airplane, or at a coffee shop, bookstore, beach – anywhere, for that matter – make sure to check that you have everything you came with before leaving. Even if pickpockets are avoided, things can accidentally fall out of pockets or bags – it can happen to anyone. Additionally, Always put your items such as wallet and passport case back in your bag in the same place so you’d notice if something is missing

10.) Watch your wallet.

Leave unnecessary credit cards (department stores) and other similar items at home. Use contactless payment systems such as Apple Pay if possible to avoid taking your wallet out in public.

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