Lobby Bar – July 3: Macaroni Madness, Time Stands Still, Trump Does Yoga, and a Founding Fodder

By Jeremy Del Nero on 3 July 2015
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Lobby Bar – A Largely Misunderstood Summary of FBT News and Views

Did you feel that? If you noticed, June 30 was a bit longer than usual, due to science.  In that extra second, we managed to squeeze in a trip to Moscow, a Broadway play, and a five-hour nap.

Sweet necessities. Jonathan Spira flies in Transaero’s Imperial Class from New York to Moscow.  All passengers in Imperial Class receive a throne to sit in, a crown made of tungsten (it’s quite heavy), and a mandatory ice cream cone every 90 minutes.

Life of Trump. Hackers have gained access to credit card records at the Trump Hotel Collection’s properties. The Donald’s most recent credit transactions reveal that he rented Magic Mike from Netflix and just ordered a yoga mat with overnight shipping from Amazon.

Jesse Hancock. Jesse Sokolow visits historic travel moments in Julys throughout history.  Before meeting Amelia Earhart in 1937, Jesse stopped by Philly to sign the Declaration of Independence with his pseudonym, John Hancock.

Poorly kept secrets. On the final night of “The Audience” at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater, Queen Elizabeth shared confidential secrets with Winston Churchill. Apparently Liz and Winny forgot that an audience of 1,080 people were seated just a few feet away, and they all now know where MI-6 is located (right next to Diagon Alley).

The final straw. Hertz and Ryanair are breaking things off after going steady for over 15 years. Apparently the two just couldn’t agree on a mac ‘n’ cheese brand – Hertz was all about Annie’s and Ryanair was a Kraft man.

Crash boom oops. The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating possible collusion amongst major airlines in the U.S. Due to a typo in a text message sent to President Obama from Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch, paramedics were sent to all major airports, being told to expect a “collision of all major airlines.” Nobody was hurt in the collusion.

Roof high. JetBlue’s roof deck at JFK is now open to visitors. The outdoor space includes a landscaped park, seating for 50 people, a dog walk, and it’s the only place in New York where marijuana is legal.  The last one is an unwritten rule, just take our word for it.

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