Lobby Bar – July 17: The Transcontinental Aqueduct, Music to your Earplugs, and Citrus Drama

By Jeremy Del Nero on 17 July 2015
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Lobby Bar – An Off-the-Wall Summary of FBT News and Views 

Lime disease. Paul Riegler discusses the final stages on the American Airlines and US Airways merger.  Despite the long-fought battle, when confronted with the ever-important question of how it will slice its limes, American and US Airways couldn’t handle the pressure and decided to dissolve both companies.

Empty pocketed. Jesse Sokolow wants to make sure you travel safely this summer, and has compiled a list of his top safety suggestions.  We recommend leaving your keys, smartphone, and wallet all at home – this way there’s nothing to steal!

Ear plugs: $20. Jonathan Spira checks into the W Hotel in Austin, where he enjoys lovely music, service, and food. The one downside is that the hotel staffs an indie band to play in each room around the clock, so sleeping can be somewhat of a challenge.

Dogflation. Check out these stunning photos from Citi Field, and excuse us while we get nostalgic.  Baseball has taught Americans strength, teamwork, resilience, and that paying $24 for a hot dog and a bottle of water is very reasonable.

Football babes. Join us behind the wheel of the 2015 BMW 228i Convertible. Now, we’ve driven every BMW from the 1er to the 8er, and once we even got intimate with a 49er, although we can’t divulge the exact details.

Food pyramid. Porsche recently announced the opening of its restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.  Named after the company’s first production vehicle, Restaurant 356 features exotic bowls of nuts & bolts, which can be washed down with a healthy glass of motor oil.

Helping hands. Flash floods in the northeast resulted in thousands of flight delays and cancellations.  Meanwhile, transcontinental passengers were kindly asked to take a few mason jars of the excess rainwater to drought-stricken Los Angeles.

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