Transaero Airlines New York-Moscow Imperial Class – Flight Review

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Duck breast with orange sauce

Next came a “duet” of Prosciutto Di Parma and beef pastrami. Admittedly, I never thought of marrying these two items on the same plate, but it worked well. Course three was a salad that included Bocconcini cheese with sundried tomatoes.

The next course was soup: a choice of chicken consommé with quail eggs or porcini mushroom soup. The flight attendant recommended the latter, which was good advice, and my travel companion had the chicken consommé, which he loved as well.

All this was merely the introduction to the main course, a choice of sea bass with Jasmine rice, venison with a peppercorn cream sauce, or my selection, duck breast with orange sauce. I was admittedly sated already but the duck was tender and flavorful. My travel companion had the sea bass, which he enjoyed as well.

Sea bass with Jasmine rice

Sea bass with Jasmine rice

There was more to come, namely a choice of tiramisu or chocolate-coated passion fruit cake. I had reached my breaking point and declined the last course, recognizing that I’d be on the plane for roughly seven more hours and there would be even more food later on.

This was accompanied by tea. Transaero has a coffee and tea menu with 12 types of coffee and nine types of tea, including four varieties of green tea. I had the Romantic Jasmine, which was brisk and delicious.

A selection of cheese – Manchego, blue, cheddar, and herb goat – followed accompanied by sliced fruit including strawberry and mango, as did a tip from one of the flight attendants, namely to dip the cheese into the honey that came with the cheese. Delicious!

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