Transaero Airlines New York-Moscow Imperial Class – Flight Review

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Sushi appetizer

Sushi appetizer


As we were settling in, we received the first of many refreshing hot towels. Each towel was presented on a small china tray and the towels were thicker and of better quality than any I’ve seen on board an aircraft, in any class. The meals served in Imperial Class were designed by Dmitry Yeremeev, chef of one of the best restaurants in Moscow, Café Pushkin, which is part of restaurant group Maison Dellos.

Imperial Class meals are served on tableware produced by the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory and the Gus-Khrustalny Crystal Factory, both purveyors to the Russian Imperial Court.

As soon as we had attained cruising altitude, the meal began, on a very crisp white tablecloth, with what Transaero refers to as “dainty appetizers.” We started with an amuse bouche, a tuna canapé with ginger, accompanied by Dom Perignon Brut Champagne. Both were excellent and I wished that the tuna had been a larger serving.

DSC_0338 (1)

Prosciutto Di Parma and beef pastrami

Once the plate from the amuse bouche was removed, it was time to set the table. When I was a child, I learnt about the table setting rules of the Spanish Court, also employed by the Habsburgs in Austria (and yes, I still follow some of those conventions today), but the Spanish Court had nothing on Transaero’s Imperial Class table.

First, it’s not only the china that comes from the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory. It’s also the beautiful napkin ring (I should have asked the flight attendant if I could keep mine), the salt and pepper shakers, and the butter dish, all decorated with the Imperial Class logo. As may be expected, the silverware also bears the logo. In setting the table, the flight attendant took extra care to make sure that the Imperial Class logo was always facing me, a small extra touch indicative of the crew’s striving for perfection.

The first course was sushi and a California roll. The sushi was very fresh and included smoked salmon, tuna, and shrimp and was accompanied by shoga (pickled ginger) and wasabi (Japanese horseradish paste). Although it didn’t really fit the Japanese theme, black Russian bread with creamery butter was also proffered.

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