New York City’s Taxi of Tomorrow Wins Court Approval

By Paul Riegler on 30 June 2015
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Nissan NV200 taxis

Nissan NV200 taxis

The Nissan Taxi of Tomorrow received the green light late last week to become New York City’s standard taxi.

The state’s Court of Appeals ruled on Thursday that the city had had the authority to pick a specific model for the taxi, bringing a protracted legal battle over the vehicle, a Nissan NV200, to an end.

The ruling, which said that the city did not overstep its bounds by selecting a single model, means that the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission will be able to mandate that independent drivers and taxi fleets use the Nissan NV200.

“The choice of the best possible vehicle for use as a taxi plainly fits within the purposes of the T.L.C. to develop and improve taxi service as part of the City’s overall public transportation system,” said Judge Leslie E. Stein in her decision.

The NV200 will replace a majority of the city’s fleet, which currently comprises Ford Crown Victoria sedans, Toyota Prius hybrids, and several models of minivans.  In some circumstances, drivers will be able to choose other hybrid or wheelchair-accessible models.

New York City previously had one other standard taxi, the Checker Taxi, as a result of the creation of the New York City Taxi Cab Commission in the late 1920s and, with it, a mandate for cabs to have seating for five passengers in the rear compartment.  (This was achieved by a lengthened rear floor and installation of two folding, rear facing, stool-size jump seats behind the front seat.)  The five-passenger requirement lasted until 1954 but Checkers remained in service with the last retiring on July 26, 1999.

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