Wojo Wallet – Review

By Jeremy Del Nero on 10 April 2015
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A man’s wallet is a part of his being and identity.  His smartphone, keys, and his wallet are the only things guaranteed to be on his person every time he leaves home.  For the man with a minimalistic lifestyle – the money-clip man, we could call him – the Wojo wallet may be just the ticket.

The lightweight compact wallet is simple in design – just a credit-card-sized neoprene sleeve with a narrower band for securing currency – and it gets the job done efficiently.

Its non-slip texture keeps the Wojo securely in place in a pocket – good for resisting unwanted access or unintended loss, but also makes it more difficult to retrieve for legitimate use.  While the main card sleeve is elastic and can stretch to fit additional cards, I found that carrying six or fewer was the sweet spot.

A wide elastic band on one side of the wallet keeps currency strapped in.  It can also be used to hold a key, business cards, or other small flat objects securely in place.

A benefit of the Wojo’s neoprene construction is its ability to float, as long as it isn’t loaded with more than six cards.  This feature is less useful to a city-dweller, but could prove handy for boaters and other outdoor enthusiasts.

The Wojo hasn’t replaced my principal wallet, but it has found a place in my routine.  I have been using the Wojo on nights out when only one or two essential cards are needed.  On my rare gym-going, the Wojo stays tucked in the athletic shorts’ waistband, keeping it near at hand and its perspiration resistance means not having to worry about damaging it with sweat.


The Wojo wallet is a good fit for those seeking a safe alternative to traditional wallets.  If all you need to carry around with you is a credit card, ID, cash, and possibly a few business cards, the wallet will help cut down on clutter.  Business travelers with a number of hotel- and airline-specific credit cards, who are forever tied to George Costanza wallets will, however, find little appeal in the Wojo.

Available in light green/light blue, red/white, royal blue/red, light blue/silver, black/black, and pink/white color combinations, the Wojo retails for $12.95 on Amazon.com.

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