Apple Watch Review and Report: A Stylish Watch with Many Complications

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Putting much of the functionality of the iPhone into a wristwatch-sized device meant that Apple had to create new methods for the user to control the device. I had to watch several of Apple’s tutorials on using the watch in order to get the gist of it, whereas no one had to teach me how to use my first iPhone.

Instinctively, I swiped the phone when I saw a text message notification. That isn’t how it works. According to Apple’s Guided Tour video for messages, you would “Raise your wrist to see the message. Lower your arm to dismiss it.”

Then there’s Force Touch and the Digital Crown. Force Touch is a new gesture that is essentially the firm press of a finger on the watch’s display, which the system interprets differently than other gestures. Meanwhile, the Digital Crown is a kind of home button-meets-iPod-click wheel that manages scrolling, zooming, and fine adjustments such as selecting colors.


It’s clear that it will take more than a few days to be able to understand the full functionality of the Apple Watch as well as get a better sense of its pluses and minuses so a full review will follow presently. However, here’s a quick summary of what my initial impressions were.

It’s a beautifully constructed timepiece. The displays in the Apple retail stores don’t do it justice, one has to wear it to appreciate the substantial feel. It isn’t necessarily in the same class as my Glashütte Original Senator but it makes other smart watches feel like toys.

The software provided includes excellent fitness software, hundreds of useful apps – many in the travel space – and of course the Dick Tracy phone call mode.

On the minus side, the battery charge rarely lasts more than a day and the device has a steep learning curve. It also requires an iPhone 5 or newer to work.

It’s without question the best smartwatch that’s come to market to date, but beyond that, I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve spent a few weeks with it.
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