5 Tips on How to Survive a Long Flight

By Paul Riegler on 27 April 2015
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While Frequent Business Traveler magazine readers love to travel, the experience can be stressful, even for the most seasoned of flyers.  Moreover, longer flights simply compound the stress.  While there are many measures one may undertake prior to the flight, such as picking the perfect seat and, on some airlines, pre-ordering a meal, once on board, the traveler is there for the duration, so it pays to be prepared.

Some flights pass in the blink of an eye, while others seem to go on forever.  It’s often hard to predict which it will be, so having a plan is critical.

There are many things the traveler can do to minimize the ill effects of longer flights.  Among them are wearing comfortable clothes, eating in moderation, limiting alcohol and caffeine intake, exercising during the flight, and engaging in activities such as work or watching a movie.

1.)       Wear Comfortable and Loose-Fitting Clothing

Whether it’s loose-fitting slacks and an all-cotton shirt or changing into pajamas or sleep clothing in business or first class, dressing comfortable can go a long way towards a more pleasant flight.

2.)       Eat and Drink in Moderation

Eat lightly prior to departure.  Once on board, consume everything in moderation.  While that second dessert may appeal to you, it probably isn’t the best idea.  Follow your mother’s advice: “don’t go to bed on a full stomach.”

Cabin air is low in relative humidity and it’s important to keep hydrated by consuming water.  Keep in mind that drinking coffee, tea, and alcohol will only exacerbate the body’s dehydration, although a glass of wine or a drink or two can help one relax.

3.)       Exercise

Deep-vein thrombosis is a real threat when flying, especially on longer flights.  With DVT, blood clots form, typically in the legs, during long periods of sitting in the same position.  It’s critical that flyers get up and move around during a flight but there are also in-seat exercises that one may perform without disturbing seatmates.

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