5 Tips on How to Survive a Long Flight

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Fresh fruit is an excellent snack during longer flights

Fresh fruit is an excellent snack during longer flights

Here are a few:

With your feet flat on the floor, lift up your heels so that only the balls of your feet are touching the deck.  Repeat 10 times at a regular pace.

While sitting upright, lift both feet off the floor and rotate them in a circular fashion, five times clockwise and then five times counter-clockwise.

While keeping your arms at your sides, roll both shoulders backwards ten times with wide circular movements.  Finish by rolling them forward ten times.

4.)       Plan Activities

Whether it’s spreadsheets, e-mail or other work-related activities, or Hollywood blockbusters, diving into such activities will make the hours disappear.  Most newer aircraft offer a wide selection of movies but frequent flyers typically bring favorites on a computer or tablet as well.

5.)       Sleep

Some people fall asleep almost instantly after take-off while others complain they cannot sleep at all on a plane.  Even if you are in the latter category, do what you can to get some shuteye.

Some suggestions include using eyeshades (many airlines include these in their amenity kits), partially changing time zones prior to departure, pick a flight time that mimics your normal sleep time, and consider using melatonin, a natural sleep aid that helps regulate sleep and waking cycles.

While not all of the above suggestions may be optimal for you on a particular flight, being aware of your options and judiciously applying them will go a long way to insure a stress-free and pleasant flight.

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