Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner – Virtual Tour and Review

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DSC_0767The system itself offers over 60 movies, 50 hours of television programming, and 200 record albums. Passengers can view their personal content using the USB connection and can rate Virgin’s content with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

For the truly social, the system also supports seat-to-seat chat.

Wi-Fi, powered by T-Mobile, is available on all Virgin Dreamliner flights. The cost is currently £14.99.


Well over a dozen flights on the Dreamliner from various airlines have given this traveler a sense of what makes the aircraft different and special.


Inside the cabin, I have found it to be significantly quieter than other similarly-sized jets. Boeing agrees, and says that the aircraft’s noise footprint is up to 60% lower than previous-generation aircraft such as the 767. This improvement came with the help of new engines, advanced acoustical linings, the lightweight composite materials, and a new, more aerodynamic wing.

While turbulence is possible on any flight and any aircraft, the Dreamliner has a secret weapon to lessen its impact. Gust control, another major innovation introduced in the Dreamliner, is a “smoother ride” technology able to sense – and counter – turbulence in flight.

The new electrochromic window dimmers are another useful technology.

I don’t miss window shades at all and the new technology performs admirably on long flights when cabin darkness is key to restful sleep. For many people eyeshades don’t provide an answer. The cabin crew can “close” all the electronic shades remotely and that this is sufficient to darken the cabin to a comfortable level. It’s important to note that the windows, when darkened, remain somewhat transparent (think dark sunglasses), allowing passengers to look outside without disturbing others.

With the improved passenger experience and significant fuel savings the Dreamliner brings to an airline’s fleet, the aircraft will without a doubt become a commonplace sight at airports. It’s hard to describe the feeling one gets as a passenger but the aircraft’s spaciousness – from increased headroom, larger windows, and better lighting –combined with a more comfortable environment and the quiet and smooth ride, is clearly the wave of the future.

(Photos: Accura Media Group)

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