Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner – Virtual Tour and Review

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Virgin Upper Class

Virgin’s Dreamliners feature a new version of the airline’s Upper Class seat in a 1-1-1 herringbone configuration. A partition defines the left aisle, and seats in the center and right are angled toward each other.

Each seat is 22” wide and has a lumbar control. An ottoman that becomes part of the bed is in each suite. The design allows occupants to recline prior to departure and not have to return the seat to its upright position before taking off.

The rich brown leather seats flip over to create a 78”-long, 33”-wide lie-flat bed, and are positioned electrically rather than mechanically. Flipping allows for material appropriate for mattress use in the bed mode and a different material when used as a seat.


The ottoman in the suite is large enough to accommodate a guest for a drink but that’s about it. The table, noticeably smaller than on Virgin’s 747s, limits its practicality for two people beyond an appetizer or snack, although it is sufficient for a party of one either for work or dining.

Virgin has updated the flip down cocktail tray at each seat with a bigger lip to lessen the likelihood of spillage and each seat has a fully adjustable reading light.

In addition, each seat has a 12.1” touchscreen display that works in concert with a small touchscreen handset; both connect to Jam, Virgin’s new in-flight entertainment system that supports connections with passengers’ iphones, USB sticks, or tablets, and allows them to read their own content while charging their devices. Each seat also has a power outlet that accepts U.S. and European plugs.

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