Lobby Bar – March 13: Angels Drive Taxis, Consuming Light, and the Little Mermaid’s Favorite Hotel

By Jeremy Del Nero on 13 March 2015
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Lobby Bar – An Indiscreetly Augmented Summary of FBT News and Views

Tough luck. Paul Riegler is leaving on a jet plane (don’t know if he’ll be back again) from Austin, Texas to New York in Delta’s first class cabin. At first, Riegler was concerned that his beef was a little tough, but he soon realized that he had accidentally placed his entree on his left foot and was attempting to eat his leather shoe.

Let there be light. Jonathan Spira relaxes at St Martins Lane in London. He especially enjoyed the hotel’s Light Bar – an establishment serving high-quality UV rays at a reduced price for hotel guests. A shot of gamma rays costs just $300 and is truly to die for.

Secret Sapien. Jesse Sokolow lays out the details on Sapient’s personalized travel experience program. At least Sapient is sure to have a leg up on its competitor’s “Clueless” program, in which the company sends its clients a fruitcake in hopes of striking a chord with them.

Hailo goodbye. Jonathan Spira hails a cab with the Hailo iPhone App. Just don’t try his pick-up line unless you want to risk getting a car door slammed in your face: “Hi Guardian angel – is that a halo above your head or are you just here to pick me up?”

Retail therapy. Pilots at American Airlines voiced strong dissatisfaction with their new uniforms this week. The union reported comments that included “Ugh, where do you shop, my grandfather’s attic?” and “Listen, honey, these clothes have got to go” in its announcement. The airline’s uniform buyer was immediately dispatched to the Goodwill Store to seek alternatives.

Lofty visions. A new 188-room Aloft hotel has opened in New Orleans and is ready for plundering. Aloft tried to build an underground hotel, but quickly realized that New Orleans is already below sea level – plus, why mess with a tried and true Aloft concept?

Wiener-bound. Frankfurt Airport’s traffic is up mostly because its employees haven’t gone on strike in the past month. Of course, Germany wants us to believe that people are traveling from all around the world to get a hotdog, but McDonald’s kind of ruined that type of pilgrimage.

Les Frères Lumière. Marriott produced a short film called “Two Bellmen,” which features hotel employees thwarting an art heist. Rumor has it that the second “M” in MGM actually stands for Marriott, although we recently received a message in a séance with Louis B. Mayer advising that this is not the case.

American or bust. American Airlines will merge any passenger’s remaining US Airways Dividend points with its AAdvantage frequent flyer program in April. In acquiring your points, American simply asks for your Facebook password so it can unfriend anybody on your list who likes Delta’s or JetBlue’s page, saving you the trouble of doing it yourself.

Fairy tails. The euro and dollar went up the hill to fetch a good exchange rate, but the euro fell down and broke its crown (and lira, and peso, and pound, and franc, and okay… I’ll stop).

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