Hailo E-Hailing Taxi App – Review and Report

By Jonathan Spira on 13 March 2015
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While taxi hailing apps have been around for several years, and one player in the space, Uber, has been making somewhat unwelcome headlines, another company, Hailo, has been quietly making friends in cities across the globe.

Indeed, Hailo not only stays out of headlines but also isn’t targeted by protesting cabdrivers, primarily because Hailo was founded by three black-car drivers in London and works closely with taxi drivers in the cities where it operates.

While Hailo started by only offering traditional black cabs, also known as hackney carriages, in London, it has since expanded to offer more luxurious BMWs and Mercedes at slightly higher rates. In addition, if a black cab is not available quickly enough, the company will send an executive car at no additional charge.


My experience with Hailo occurred on a recent trip to London. I downloaded the app, entered in a coupon code I had received as an inducement to try the service, and requested a car. The entire process was straightforward. Signup took seconds and the cheery yellow-themed app provided a graphical representation of my location and that of available Hailo cars.

On the first ride, from the Strand to Covent Garden, the car arrived for pickup two minutes after the app said he was there but that was apparently due to confusion about the location of the hotel’s main entrance (Hailo stubbornly showed me standing on the Strand instead of at the end of Savoy Court near the Savoy’s entrance).

The ride was £7.00 but the £10 code made it free. (Coupons are only good for one-time usage; the remaining balance simply disappears.)

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